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Finally signed up

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I just wanted to say hey to everyone because i've been lurking around the forum for almost a year now but never signed up:D. I'm glad to finally be a part of the forums! and Thanks OctaneZ for the fix!
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welcome to the site. wuts ur background info? wut cars u have and such.
Hello and welcome to the site. :)
Welcome from the nation's oldest city! :cool:
Welcome from the nation's oldest city! :cool:
guess you want this to be another 10 page hello topic?

how bout u just state u live in the oldest nation in ur signature.

sry u do.... :BangHead:
guess you want this to be another 10 page hello topic?...
10 pages? ya know, when your exaggeration goes beyond one order of magnitude, it loses some of its punch. :D

as it is fact, no one can dispute my claim. :gr_patriot:...and it is not divisive either. :roxor:
Hey guys i'm Eric and im only 18 but i've been a camaro fan my whole life because my dad has only owned camaros, he had an 84 Z28 which eneded getting caught in on fire after and engine swap:( . Now he has a 96 Z28 which i wanted but nope. Anyway i used to have a 1984 Porsche 944 which was awesome but it kept breaking down so i sold it around this time last year and then bought a 96 Cavalier Z24. Its ok laugh. which i still drive. So thanks for the welcomes and i CANNOT wait for the 09 Camaro to come out!
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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