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First Camaro Mule sighting...

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Maybe...the wheelbase seems right on this....

..supposedly first posted on Cz28 but I can't find the thread over there.
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Production Commodore:

If Camaro is supposed to lose 2" of wheelbase as previously stated, this definitely could be the real deal! :)

Very nice, very nice, oh this just makes me want one more! :lol:
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Here's the original thread on

....starting with post #22
That's why I couldn't find it..I was looking for it as its own thread.

I definitely think the WB of the first car is slightly shorter.
Nice find! It looks like it could be a mule car by those subtle differences :D
wow too me the g8/holden whatever looks like a beefed up lancer evo :)
you know something..that body the way it is shortened looks kinda good.

maybee would owrk for a pontiac GTO or something with a smaller wheelbase with those lines??

But cool if it is a mule. need to keep the camaro excitement alive!
And hopefully it will have most of the kinks worked out by the time it arrives :)
its not a hope..its a MUST be worked out!!
i think it looks like a EVO too....
4 not good but i must agree it does look like an evo
After discussion this past weekend at the focus group, this is NOT a Camaro mule.

False alarm!!!
Any more sightings?
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