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2 years ago I tried to help a guy I met, decide if he should take on a '68 project car he found locally. The car was reported to originally be a small block SS car (correct heater box) but without any rad / drivetrain and missing much of the interior and trim, I admitted to him finally that I really couldn't help him ID it much with the poor tag info '68's are obviously saddled with.
My best suggestion was for him to try GM Documentation Services and see what they could cough up if it was sold in Canada (Norwood tag) and because it did have a return fuel line (or what was left of one) I told him I thought that was a good SS starting point.. but when I went looking for the dual exhaust plate on the frame rail I couldn't see anything like I have seen pictured for '69's to suggest it may have had a dual exhaust option to further raise the SS possibilities.
Even though he finally passed on the car (too much work for his talents and bankroll) it always left me wondering - did '67's and '68's have exactly the same shape of welded on plate with the top and bottom 'U' shaped notches located on the rails like I have seen pictured for '69's?
If not, does anyone have a picture or two they could share showing what differences there are?
I did search around myself but other than more '69 vintage pictures I came up empty on earlier years..
My own Z was in dead storage at the time we looked at the car for him and is already put away now this year - and admittedly I never thought to look at it when it wasn't!
Saw him yesterday for the first time in a couple of years and it tweaked my memory..
Appreciate any and all responses and/or especially pictures! Thanks - Randy,,
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