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First time buyer?

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Hello all, I just wanted to drop a quick intro and make that first post. I'll make it quick and painless...

I go by Wren, I'm a car guy but have never owned a Chevy despite the fact that I grew up in countless Chevy trucks moving around this beautiful country with my Dad. Then even after moving away (home town of Seattle, I'm now in AR) my father in law is a 35 year Chevy Master mech.

I've always told myself that if I ever bought a truck, it would be a Chevy no doubt. Problem is I'm an autoxer and track guy, I've owned all kinds of imports (WRX owner now) and never had a reason to go buy a truck. And to be honest Chevy's line up, Corvette aside, has never really inspired me to buy... until now.

If GMC can take this concept car and stay true to the lines, the Camaro will be my first bowtie purchase! Either black or Silver with Black SS lines please!
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That's what I like to hear. :D

Welcome to the site.
Hello and welcome.:hello:
Welcome. More import owners going domestic. It's great isn't it!?
Welcome aboard!
Welcome, Wren!

I've had a few Chevy trucks, but never a car until my current C4 Corvette that I use for Autox (check out some videos in my link below). This will be my first ever new car purchase for myself (my wife always gets new cars), so I'm in the same boat as you.

I hope you enjoy this site, and all the people and info here.
I have a had a Vette but otherwise have been and import buyer as well. I don't think this is surprising at all. Chevy is earning this attention the old fashion way by building attractive, competitive, well priced and well built cars. No mystery there.

Welcome from the newb to the newb.
Thanks for the welcome guys!

Good point Douge! Chevy to me has always been... well, ho hum (again Corvette aside) but their recent lineup has really grabbed my attention. I'm even debating trading in my 04 Toyota Sequoia on a 2007 Tahoe! This seems odd saying this, coming from someone who's driven imports all his life, (German & Japanese) but I love the new interior setup GM has implemented!! :D Compared to the old A/C Delco typical setup, its a night and day improvement. GM seems not only to be doing their market research but they're implementing the changes. Bravo.

Keep it up GM and I'll have 2 parked in my driveway!
I really started keeping a closer eye on GM stuff when they released the newest Tahoe, that is a very nice truck.
Welcome aboard, The General gets a A++ on this design.

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