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That's really good. Hopefully the Next Gen Impala can at least get 30 MPG rather than just sneaking in at 29 MPG. I wouldn't care if it was still FWD, but I think it could use more power. I mean there's now a 300 horsepower V6 by GM.... Why get a 303 horsepower V8 Impala, then?

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I agree with that.
They no doubt can stick the DI 3.6L V6 in the Impala SS and it'd have 304hp and get better gas mileage.
The current Impala SS with the 303hp 5.3L V8 is rated 16/24.
I think an Impala SS with the 304hp 3.6L V6 could come in at 18/27.

Noteable improvements in gas mileage for 2009 model year GM products:
Chevy Malibu 4-cyl/6-speed auto up tp 33MPG highway (32MPG now)
- now 2MPG better than Camry or Accord
Chevy Malibu Hybrid 26MPG city/34MPG highway (24/32 now)
Chevy Cobalt and Pontiac G5 2.2L up to 35MPG highway (34MPG now)
Chevy Cobalt and Pontiac G5 XFE models up to 37MPG highway (36MPG now)
Pontiac G6 gets the 4-cyl/6-speed auto combo good for 33MPG highway
All fullsize trucks and SUVs get a 1MPG improvement with XFE models.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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