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"A Cop on the Take"

First he takes the oath.
Now look at all he takes -

He takes it in stride when people call him pig.
He takes time to stop and talk to children.
He takes your verbal abuse while giving you a ticket you really deserve.
He takes on creeps you would be afraid to even look at.

He takes time away from his family to keep you safe.
He takes your injured children to the hospital.
He takes the graveyard shift without complaint because it's his turn.
He takes his life into his hands daily.

He takes you home when your car breaks down.
He takes time to explain why both you headlights have to work.
He takes the job no one else wants - telling you a loved one has died.
He takes criminals to jail.

He takes in sights that would make you cry.
Sometimes he cries too, but He takes it anyway because someone has to.
If he is lucky, He takes retirement.
He takes memories to bed each night that you couldn't bear for even one day.

Sometimes, He Takes a bullet.

And, yes, occasionally he may take a free cup of coffee.
Then one day he pays for all he has taken,
and God takes him.


Wayne A. Linney

Special Thanks to Officer Scott White
of the Portsmouth Police Department (VA)

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Very nice...... People take for granted what police officers have to do everyday. Protect and Serve... Its sad that pro athletes make millions a year to play a sport yet the men and women that protect us don't make squat something is very wrong with this picture.

This also goes out to Firemen/women and Servicemen/women...

Thank you for your dedication to a unapperciated job..:notworthy:
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