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When the 5th gen comes out one can only hope that there is already a aftermarket for the car as soon as it hits the dealer. For the people who want to go SuperCharger or even a Turbo are there some things that the buyer should consider? I leaning towards going with nitrous but I would love to do something like a ATI procharger. You know have a 600rwhp Camaro.
But where i live is like in the mountains. I think we are 3 or 4,000 feet above sea level. I can only get ahold of 91 octane. As far as me going forced induction would this be a option? There is a guy now in my town with a Mustang GT with a vortech supercharger on it. You can tell the car has some power. But he cant pull away from my family car as bad as he would like. Or should I say as bad he should.
This is a subject that I want to understand a whole lot more about.
Ill give you another example. I got a friend with a Paxton blower on a SRT8 Charger. The car put 575rwhp to the ground. At the track in Albuqurque NM he ran low 13's high 12's. He took the car down to Phoenix and it went 12'0 @ 118.
Would it just make sense for me to just spay my 5th gen and dont worry about forced induction at all? Would the car be more powerful on gas where I live or the supercharger?
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91 octane is not really that much less than 93.

You can run 91 octane with a sc. Its all in the tune. You just can't run as much timing as 93 but probley not much different. Its still going to be faster than the same engine NA at the same elevation.

Here is a calculator for elevation:
Would the car be more powerful on gas where I live or the supercharger?
I don't think it would matter. The oxygen is still at a higher elevation so its still going to be less dense because its not being compressed as much. I think either way will be about the same.
You are going to be better off with forced induction in higher elevations.

Both applications 'feel' the effects of less oxygen at higher elevations but you would definitely have a big advantage with forced induction over Naturally Aspirated.
I need help understanding that chart that Brandonppr posted.
So u guys dont think there is a advantage in useing a supercharger over nitrous in high elevation with only 91 octane. If thats the case im going to be lookin over ATI's website next year.
Nitrous and supercharger do about the same thing. They force oxygen into the intake. Nitrous is going to be a little colder thus a little more dense in the summer but I think you will be better off with a sc. The sc is going to have much more precise control and probley null any advantage the colder charge from the nitrous.
Heck, you could have F.I. and hit the nitrous only when you needed it.

It's all in the tune. A good shop will have you covered.

I'll be looking for a turbo system from APS or Gen TT, when I get mine. I'd place a deposit today for a guaranteed first system delivery.
for the chart.
You find your alt level.
the number beside it is the number you multiply.
if your car runs 13.00 in the 1/4 mile at 6000 feet above sea level
13.00 x .9250 = 12.025 at sea level.

So if you was to run the same car at sea level you should run around 12.025.
You have to also take traction into consideration. The more traction the more accurate it will be.

The best way to do it would be to measure the DA at the time of the run then use the DA as your elevation instead of the tracks elevation.

It is possible to run at a negative DA so its like running below sea level.

The lower the elevation the more dense the oxygen molecules are packed because of the weight of the oxygen above it is pushing it down. The DA changes so for example at my local track in the winter months it is very common for the DA to get to -750 and in the summer it goes up to 3000+.
So the higher the DA the slower you go even at the same track and vise-versa.
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Nitrous is a lot cheaper than a sc too.
Also bolt ons with the LS engines seem to do wonders and are only amplified by FI
Yeah $600 or $800 kit vs a $6000 kit yeah its a whole lot cheaper.
But I like the fact that with a supercharger you dont have to go get it filled like a bottle. The power is there in the morning and its there in the evening. Ill just wait and see how the new motor reacts to mods. Hopefully its the LS3 or even better. I understand that chart now so I got it saved.
1. This Forced Induction topic has been beaten to death.
2. SC is a lot more fun, i know. i was running nitrous on my NA motor and now i pulled the bottle and got a blower, and the power is just always there. and like u can get a alky system to cool the intake down. or even spray a lil nitrous. thats my next plan soon, to re-hook my bottle and spray only a 55 shot.

us prix people calculated that a 55 shot thru a blower has the same benifits as a 100 shot thru a NA motor. so it's kinda cool. but when you put down a low 12 in a camaro and people see nitrous they usually turn their heads and say " pshhhhhhhh, no wonder he ran 12.xx he's prolly spraying a 150 shot."even if u have a 55 shot with a cam and heads. but a S/C always turns heads, not a vortech tho, not a fan of the belt driven turbo. not enough whine for me.
Where I from both of nitrous and forced induction get respect.
Forced induction is new to me so I have alot to learn.
Nitrous on the other hand isnt.
I know both have pros and cons so I wasnt tryin to turn this into what is a better power adder but what is best for my situation.
Im going to wait till the Camaro comes out and talk to my tuner and Ill see what happends.
What about S/C versus Turbo? I always love hearing people debate the pros and cons of both so what do you guys think?
well S/C is instant power, you get that mean ass whining noise. Easier to install, and easier to go fast. all you have to do is drop pulleys , if u can. i like the S/C more, even if turbo makes more power and faster.

turbo's are powered by the exhaust gases and have a tendancy to have lag, not much today as they did a few years ago due to the lighter and more effiencient fans inside. ofcourse you get the BOV sound which is intimidating when playing thru gears like most SRT-4 guys do. not much of a turbo fan tho. but no doubt people will do both and ill bet my camaro collection that the first turbo'd,cammed camaro will beat most blown and all NA camaros. turbo's just make more power.

but like i stated earlier, i personally have a blown grand prix and can't ever see myself going turbo.
I agree that Turbos make more power and I also think they are much more efficient and get better gas mileage. However, I also think that S/Cs tend to make more useable power, are much easier to install and are probably overall a better package for the average driver.
Debating which FI is best is like debating what color looks the best honestly. Everyone likes one for one reason or another and usually its just personal preference. Most nitrous users go only nitrous most SC stay with SC either Centrifugal (ATI) or roots/screw (Magnuson/whipple), and Turbo guys are usually strictly turbo. Each will give you various reasons why which is better. All are fun. All have good and bad points. I like all 3. Nitrous is like crack one hit and your addicted. Boost is equally addictive though.

Biggest thing with boost is compression ratio. An 8:1 motor can take alot more boost than a 10.5:1 before detonation. Then theres rod strength, Timing, fuel etc. Theres really a whole bunch of factors involved and one of the biggest is the tune.
Just do all 3;)
I'd like a blown, twin-turbo 5th Gen with 3 stages of juice please. :D

eleventy billion horsepower. :lol:
I'd like a blown, twin-turbo 5th Gen with 3 stages of juice please. :D

eleventy billion horsepower. :lol:
And 20 gallons to the mile!

Or as Christopher Titus said about his first car (an oldsmobile): "Fill it up, drive it to the end of the driveway and fill it up again!"


O yes nitrous is like crack.
Brother uses NX wont use nothin else
Best friend spays his viper with NX wont use nothin else
Best friend sprays his built Dakota with NX wont use nothin else.
I even have a boy with a freakin Terminator that sprays NX on top of the blower thing made 670rwhp.
But like every one else is sayin they all have pros and cons. And just because you have a Turbo and I have nitrous doesnt mean you are garunteed a win. The only setups I dont like are the STS systems. I know a couple people with those systems and their cars just arent as powerful as u would think.
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