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GM vehicles are often spotty in their first year. Usually better in the second.

But what CR doesn't say, and that few people therefore realize:

1. The data are already about five months old, and will be over a year old when many people use them to buy a car next summer.

2. The average problem rate isn't very high, probably around 18 problems per 100 cars for the 2008s (based on past years; they didn't have a number when asked this year). So the differences between the different "blobs" is only three or four problems per 100 cars.

So below average reliability still doesn't mean that a car will be in the shop all the time--far from it.

For vehicle reliability information that is promptly updated four times a year and actual repair rates (not just blobs):

One benefit of prompt, frequent updates: we'll have an initial result for the Pontiac G8 in mid-November, with a full result next February. We can similarly provide a quick result for the new Camaro once it arrives, if enough owners participate.

Our results tend to be similar to theirs, just 5-14 months sooner.
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