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- Follow general internet forum etiquette. Don't post NWS photos, don't hijack threads, don't post spam, etc etc. Forums are not new, we should all be familiar with how to behave within them by now. You will be expected to abide by these common internet forum rules.

-Please refrain from using foul words in the forum. This includes posting links to videos that contain foul language. This also includes the word gd. This is a clean, mature site and we wish to remain work-safe at all times.

-Absolutely no trash-talking or flamewars. If you don't like somebody's thread, send a private message or e-mail to the forum moderator stating your problems with the thread rather than flaming the thread starter. If you have a problem with something that someone has posted, either hit the ignore button or take your issues to private messaging or e-mailing to avoid hijacking the thread. There is nothing wrong with arguing a point, just make sure you state your arguments in a mature manner.

- Non-work safe threads are unacceptable. Don't post threads containing illegal topics (drug use, street racing, vandalization, etc), any sort of nudity, blood / gore (real or fake), dead animals.

- No controversial links to other forums. This creates a mass influx of trolls for both forums.

- No political or religious debates. Everybody believes that their opinions are the right ones, and thus these topics constantly start well but end in a pissing contest, and we'd like to avoid that altogether.

- Babe threads, or threads that contain pictures of scantily clad women. Many of the lounge posters spend their time here while at work. I don't want this kind of stuff popping up on their work computer then somebody has a chance to look over their shoulder and see it. Also we don't want this site to be banned from work computers so NO NWS pictures.

- Under the guidelines presented, moderators reserve the right to judge which threads belong and which do not and act on that judgment. If you have a complaint about a certain moderator's activities, send a private message to the moderator and attempt to discuss it with them. Do NOT post a thread calling out said moderator. Be classy about your complaint, stay cordial, and it will likely be resolved. If you're still not happy with the judgment, feel free to present your complaints to one of the forum administrators.

-NO leg humping

Tasteful pictures are always welcome!
Pictures with person(s) wearing see-through clothing or wearing what is deemed to be "less than a bikini" (as determined by staff) will be removed, and the user who posted them will be warned. Repeated violations will result in bans.

Random threads in the lounge:
We have had to close many of these types of threads in the lounge. We don't want to have to close any thread. Name calling is one issue that comes up in these threads. That has in the past led to a hostile enviroment here in the forum. We are better than that. Those that want to keep these threads around are responsible for keeping the name calling out and keeping it peaceful. Thats all is being asked here is keep it clean and fun. If you have any issues, pm a mod. We will do our best to work with you and solve the problem, there is no need to start countless threads about the issue. WE WILL TRY TO HELP IF POSSIBLE!
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