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Frankfurt Report: The Opel Flextreme Diesel Concept

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The Opel Flextreme

By Bob Lutz
GM Vice Chairman
As I’ve said before, I’m more excited about the Chevrolet Volt than anything else I’ve seen in my many decades in the auto industry. This week in Frankfurt, we unveiled a European version of the E-Flex line, which we call the Opel Flextreme diesel concept.
Even before anyone discusses the technology, I really think the first impression the Flextreme makes is that it’s a great-looking car. Mark Adams, GM Europe’s Vice President of Design, told the gathered media that the Flextreme shows the future design language for Opel. Its monocab proportions fall in between the popular Astra and Zafira models, but as you can see, its profile is much sleeker. And when it’s time to install a car seat, parents of small children will appreciate the rear-hinged passenger door. In fact, it’s been so popular with focus groups that we are moving ahead with plans to put the FlexDoor system into production.

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