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I have a pair of Falken 255/30 ZR22 tires for sale.. They have aprox. 600 miles on them and are in great condition. These tires go for about $180 each new +shipping. Pricing below..

I also have a pair of Falken 275/25 ZR24 tires. Also with aprox. 600 miles and in great condition. These tires go for around $300 each new +shipping.
Pricing below..

(2) 22" tires $200 + shipping

(2) 24" tires $250 + shipping

If anyone wants some more pics let me know and ill post them up, this is the only one I had on my PC.

I realize I only have a couple of posts on this site and you may be worried about buying something from someone you dont know. If you would like, you can check me out on I have over 1400 posts and a perfect 100% iTrader feedback rating from the 14 members I have sold to. My name is the same on Camaro5 (Maro99). Here is a link to my iTrader profile on Camaro5

if you are a member you can also see all of the positive comments people left.

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