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Note: This is my first thread on this forum, but you can check me out on the "other" Camaro forum if you want to make sure I'm a real person and not a scammer!

These tires are almost brand new. They have very little wear on them, about 4,000 miles by my estimation. They've always been stored indoors, away from sunlight and in a heated space, when not installed on my car.

I can ship if you are paying for it. PM and we'll work out the details. Two bundles of two tires will make two packages, each approximately 28" x 28" x 18", 62 LBS. And my zip code is 01801. Otherwise if you want to come get them, I am located about 15 minutes North of downtown Boston (10 minutes with on traffic, 3 days with traffic).

If you've never put snow tires on your Camaro before, I HIGHLY recommend it! (and not just because I want you to buy my tires :D) Both my Gen 5 Camaros were manuals, and even so, snow tires dig right in and easily get you moving (and stopped when you hit the brakes). Plus the traction control and stability control keep everything under control. Rear wheel drive sports cars, and Camaros in particular, have kind of an old reputation of being terrible in the snow. With these tires, I would ALWAYS opt to drive my Camaro over my 4x4 Blazer if it was snowing out.

The tire shop I used wrote my name "john" on the tread, it will wear right off after the first mile.
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