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The Silver 6 has found a new home. My Auto-X wheels are now up for sale. These wheel are all 18x8 with 35 mm offset. The Tire Rack lists these wheels at 20.7 lbs each. They are manufactured using something called MAT technology in Thailand, which is likely an upgrade from cast recycled Chinese beer cans like the five-spoke ASAs that that she left me with. Zero curb rash, no scratches, and no dings.

The tires are included, Dunlop Star Spec Z1s in a 245 45 size with a Z speed rating. The tires have seen about 10 Autocross events and about 2,000 street miles. About 40 percent of tread life remains and they have seen around 120 to 150 heat cycles.

First $500 plus shipping gets it all.

Lastly, no silly questions please. For example: "Are tire pressure sensors included?" Well now, does my description mention tire pressure sensors? Another example: "Are all four 18x8?" What does the description say? Another example: "Are they bright silver or gray?" Look at the pictures and decide for yourself. The Tire Rack describes them as "Gun Metal Gray" or "Hyper Silver". I can't remember which they are. Basically, they are rather a dark-ish silver-gray in person. Finally, if you want to know how much to ship, then you can do the research. I am in Valparaiso, Indiana, 46383. Call the UPS store or FedEx Kinkos around here and ask them how much to PACK AND SHIP to YOUR LOCATION assuming I drop them off in or near Valparaiso and you can let me know.

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