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I was one of the first to have these installed on a 5th Gen Camaro
I'm putting them up for sale!


Approximately 10k miles on them, still under Pedders warranty.

Pedders 164086

Description from Pedders:

These are the SMOOTHEST MOST CONTROLLED coilovers money can buy for 5th Gen.
Pedders Supercar coilovers are 52mm monotubes. Our Xa coilovers, which are spectacular in their own right, are sized like most coilovers at 46mm. Basic fluid dynamics tells you that the larger the volume of oil, the smoother the action, control will be. Comparing a 46mm diameter disc for surface area to a 52mm disc we find there is 27% increase in surface area. Couple the 27% greater disc surface area with remote reservoirs the size of Coke or beer cans and the volume of oil is increased by more than half.
Couple this HUGE amount of oil with 30 independent bound and 30 independent rebound adjustments and you have race car like control over your 5th Gen suspension.
There is nothing better you can buy for your 5th Gen Camaro. Make your Camaro a true Supercar with Pedders Supercar coilovers.
Pedders Xa and Supercar coilovers have an extra wide clevis for the 5th Gen Camaro. The design of the clevis allows for greater camber range and the increase in track reduces underssteer inherent in the design of the 5th Gen.

As you can see, they retail for over $4,000!
...many shops sell them for around $3,700 - that's IF you can find them!

I'm selling these amazing coilovers for only $2,500!
I'll ship them anywhere with insurance for free.

At this price they won't last, I'm giving ModernCamaro first crack at them!



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