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Ft. Lauderdale

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Car Show!
Scott and the group put on a GREAT SHOW! The car is REALLY better to see in person. Pictures do not do it justice. When they started the unveiling and you see the parking lights and headlights on it sends a tingle up your spine.
They even lets us go oon thestage and get a GOOD VIEW of the car. I noticed on the instrument panel there is a compass in the DIC display. Kinds of a nice touch. I'd post pic's but I had camera on a high setting and the files are HUGE!!! They had a camera crew there that took individual pics of individuals with the car that we will be abler to post. They should ber available today so pics from folks that attende will probaly be flodding the net later this afternoon.
Thanks AGAIN SCOTT for the INVITE.

:) :D :)
P.S. I even had two Corvette family's attend and they are giving serious thought to purchasing the Camaro .
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