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Gear Swap 4.10

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Heard some horror stories about doing these, so im on the fence, but the car really needs gears, especially with a 28 inch tire back there its like having 3.23s lol, anyone know how much the installs are going for on these things?
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28 inch? I'm not sure of the labor for this specific car but the going rate I've seen for gear swaps at most shops is approx $500 for the labor.
yea its a tall tire back there lol, use the tire calc, thats pricey and im sure the gears are too
I have the 3.91 and I like it. Gas mileage sucks but I didn't buy the car for economy.
thats tru, not sure how much labor would be
I looked into it and I was like O-O oh hell no. More than $1500 installed it's nothing like
A gear swap for the 4th Gens.
wow that much?? from a dealer or shop?
Shop. I paid 400 for parts and labor for my Trans Am. Not sure what has changed but it's not cheap.
That sucks that its so much for a 5th gen
I did buy the Camaro for the economy. And it far exceeds the expected economy. What is your mileage with 3.91 gears. Not what you get playing with it. I mean what can you get if you just drive it. My SS can get 29mpg. I think thats amazing.
it wont go down that much with those gears
i lost 2mpg. big wip. 23mpg @75
not bad at all
if changing the gears do u need to buy the installation kit as well, or can u get away without getting it??
only with the AAM GM gears aftermarket gears will require shims.
AAM means the GM Performance gears right?
If your serious about it, do your self a favor and just buy a 1LE diff from the dealer. It's already set up and has gear lube in it plus comes with a 12 month GM warranty. The 3.91 gear is nice, besides you have to pull your diff out to have the gear installed anyway so it's just a diff swap. You also still have your factory diff in case you ever need it or can sell to recoupe some of your cost. My chevy dealer sold me one for $1425.
yes American Axle Manufacturing makes the gears for GM.
I only lost 2mpg. and the whole thing cost me $689 for all GM seals and pinion bearing gears and labor. I pulled the diff. took me 2 hrs to remove 1 1/2 to put it back in on jack stands doing it for the 1st time. Thats another thing you will a new pinion seal and might as well do the bearing as they tend to stretch when they come off the pinion. I did axle seals to.
Yea i wish i could come up with $1425 cause that sounds like a good deal, but just dont have it, also not bad with the warranty either

yea i guess it makes sense while ur in there to replace all the seals for insurance
well you have to replace the pinion seal. I bought the axle seals just incase and they were cheap. Mine were fine but my installer replaced them anyway. You do get a 1 year warranty if the dealer installs the rear. My installer gave me a 1 year warranty too.
nice!! those shifts must be alot shorter now :D
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