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Hello, I was wanting to get some advise on gear swap.
I have a 2013 camaro ss L99 670rwhp mods are:
Whipple (3.875 pulley)
TSP stage 2 blower cam
meth injection
Circle D 3200 stall
TSP headers and exhaust
bmr diff pro bushing and cradle bushings.
3.91 gears.
tuned by Pat G.
I did the 3.91 swap about 2 years before I decided to go FI and now all I do is spin!
Even with nt555r warmed up I spin 1-2-3 and sometime in 4th.
I am going to swap to either a 3.45 or back to stock 3.27.
anyone have any advise which would be better.
the 3.91 are ok for roll racing as long as it from 40 or better! but I want something I can hookup with from a stop and have a good 1/4 mile time!
Thank you.
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