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Hey friends,
If you are planning to buy a used car then you should have the complete and detailed vehicle history report. VinCheckup is the online tool that provides you real-time detailed vehicle history report from our nationwide database. Reports available on all makes and models of cars, trucks, vans, RVs, and motorcycles. VINCHECKUP Vehicle History Reports contain everything you ever wanted to know about any vehicle history. For Instant VIN Check, go to

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Very limited information.
You have to PAY $14.95 for the actual history.

Go to "MYCARFAX.COM" and create an account, FREE.
Use your VIN for the first car. Any additions can take 7-days for all the
history to show up.

You will get the service history of the car, as long as the places that did the work, report.
-> Will see DEALER service records.
-> Will see inspections and emissions.
-> Will see registration renewals and title transfers without the WHO.
-> Will see any "POTENTIAL ODOMETER ROLLBACK" warnings.
-> Will NOT see any DIY Records.
-> Will NOT see Accident or Salvage records.
-> You can add service records, but will not be seen by anyone else, and not save if the car is removed.

Now, when you want to check another car? Go to the "GARAGE" and add another
vehicle, and use the VIN you want to check on. When you are done looking at
the service history, DELETE the car. You can do this over and over again.

If you see a steady service history, then you know it was maintained.
IF you see a steady history, then a two-year gap, ask questions before buying.

I looked up a 2013 VW TDI, and it has a nice steady progression till 7/23/2020, with 89,628 miles.
Then a two year gap, with a registration record on 8/5/2022 with no miles listed. However, I
looked at the car, and it has 173,000+ miles. So, within a span of 2-years, it had another 90,000
miles put on it, with no records of any maintenance. The DPF and NOx Cat are clogged and the
car is in limp moide. There are EGR codes, and the intake runner flap actuator is missing, and Cyl#3
needs a glow plug. I owned one of these cars, and I put 243,000 miles on it, and never had anything
like that happen.

SO, you can get a general idea on how well the car was maintained with a MYCARFAX account.
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