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The best way to make your Chevy Camaro go faster and add more power is to use a performance tuner and, SCT Performance has you covered here. Its tuners help to achieve noticeable improvements in the performance of your Camaro while adding more horsepower and torque to your ride. The best part is that these tuners need very little of your time and a pair of pliers to install, but the difference in performance and general driving experience will be significant.

From now on, you have a great opportunity to get a $50 Prepaid Visa Card with the purchase of a new performance tuner. Do not miss out and save money while buying X4, GTX, BDX, LiveWire TS, and LiveWire Vision Performance Monitor to get the most out of your Camaro. The offer is valid till December 31st, 2021. Do not hesitate! Please follow the instructions from the following PDF to get your rebate.

SCT Performance® - BDX™ Programmer

SCT Performance® - X4™ Power Flash Programmer Kit

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