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GM asks 100 people to test-drive fuel cell cars

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Leslie J. Allen
Automotive News
October 22, 2007 - 3:54 pm ET

NEW YORK — General Motors today kicked off an experiment that will place 100 hydrogen fuel cell powered Chevrolet Equinoxes into the hands of average consumers. Drivers in three metropolitan areas will drive the cars.

The automaker calls “Project Driveway” the first large-scale test of fuel cell electric vehicles. The drives will begin in January in suburban Los Angeles, New York and Washington.

Ordinary people and some unnamed celebrities will participate. They will drive the vehicles for up to three months. During that time, they will relay information to GM regularly on driveability, reliability, refueling process and safety perceptions.

Journalists drove a small fleet of the vehicles through Manhattan today.

Larry Burns, GM’s vice president of research, development and strategic planning, compared the testers to modern-day Apollo astronauts.
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I want to drive one. D:

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