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Car And Drivers annual performance test indicates GM is packin' when it comes to performance.
September 24, 2008

Every year Car And Driver magazine pulls together some of the hottest, best-performing cars at the time and pits them against each other; dividing the cars into specific classes based on retail price. This, of course, being their annual "Lightning Lap" feature article. For 2008 "Lightning Lap" brings three General Motors vehicles to the track. Those three: Chevrolet Cobalt SS (Turbocharged), Chevrolet Corvette Z51, and the all-new Cadillac CTS-V. GM is always represented in the "Lightning Lap" feature, but this year is particularly interesting as all three GM products did extremely well in their respective classes. Actually; the only two Chevrolet cars in the group took the number one spots in their respective classes. Cobalt SS took the top spot in the "LL1" class; beating out the Dodge Caliber SRT-4 and Volvo C30 T5 Version 2.0. On top of that, the Cobalt SS was just shy of beating an overall "LL1" record set by the Nissan 350Z...

Here's the link for more..

Here's the link for the video -

I think it's a interesting side note that when the 2010 Camaro comes on scene it may be in the LL1 class under 30k range!! It will blow the compition away!!

I think GM is finally making a dent in the import craze preformance ie- Cobalt SS TC.. Thankfully without taking on it's looks!!
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