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GM, UAW set stage to potentially transform U.S. auto landscape

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The UAW and General Motors Corp. this morning reached a tentative agreement on a new, landmark contract for 74,000 autoworkers, ending the union's first nationwide strike against the automaker in 37 years.

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I wish they would move some of the assembly plants to North Carolina (triad area). The Aviation biz is moving back in and I like to see the automotive industry boom in that sector of the states.
I'd like to see GM open a plant (any plant) near here so I can get a job there.
I don't care what vehicle would be built there, I'd take anything. :p

What the hell?
This is old news.....the auto-poster has gone MAD!! :lol:

Hm, actually the article is dated today....

Correction... The Detroit Free Press has gone MAD! :lol:
I was thinking WTF...I didn't know any strike was going on.
Thanks for keeping me confused :confused: early in the morning newsbot.:BangHead:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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