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GM unveils China-designed hybrid

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Just five years ago GM was selling a little over 100,000 vehicles per year in China, and only two years ago the figure was 500,000. Today, GM’s sales tally in the rapidly expanding market is in excess of one million vehicles and a significant number of these are Buicks. The brand is so advanced in China that today officials took the wraps off a new hybrid version of the LaCrosse sedan, dubbed the Eco-Hybrid, and plan to start selling fuel-cell versions as well by as early as 2010.

The Buick LaCrosse Eco-Hybrid was developed by Shanghai GM, a partnership between GM and Shanghai Auto, and will be joined by a second hybrid model in the new future, according to officials from the Chinese-American joint-venture.

Full story:

FWIW, this car and future cars in the article are Chinese-market only.
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Here are the 2007 China sales figures:

1. GM: total of 1,031,974 vehicles
a)Shanghai GM: 500,308 vehicles (including export), a 22% increase from last year,"479,427 vehicles, a 16.9% increase, excluding export"
Buick: 332,000 vehicles, with 196,000 Excelle, and 42,000 GL8
Chevy: 160,050 vehicles, increased by 56.4%
Cadillac: 7040 vehicles, increased by 149%
Saab: 618, increased by 87%

b)SAIC-GM-Wuling Automobile
SGMW sold 548,945vehicles (excluding export) last year, a 20.1% increase, 367,744 of them belongs to the Wuling Sunshine, which makes it the biggest selling model in China.

2. FAW-VW: Over 440,000

3. Shanghai VW: 436,343

4. Chery: 381,000

5. Guangzhou Honda: 295,000

6. FAW-Toyota: 260,000

7. Nissan: 271,915

8. Beijing-Hyundai: 260,000

9. Geely: 219,512

10. Xi'an-Ford-Mazda (which is a joint venture): 217,100
-----Ford itself (including all its brand, except Mazda): 216,324 which included both passenger and commercial vehicles
Transit: 26,585
Focus: 124,972
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