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GM using Youtube to launch it's "The Case for GM" videos over the next few months

A corporate honcho yakking away isn't exactly as entertaining as Tina Fey riffing on Sarah Palin, but General Motors Corp. is after the YouTube generation.

The struggling automaker has posted more than 50 videos over the last year on the popular video Web site -- though many executive speeches don't get much attention.

"We know the only way to earn back your trust and to win you over frankly is to address the issues that you're talking about or hearing about head on," Christopher Barger, director of social media at GM, said in one video.

Over the next few months, GM's senior executives will post more in a series of videos titled, "The Case for GM." A three-minute video in the series by GM chairman and CEO Rick Wagoner posted 10 days ago has been seen about 3,000 times.

"We do have to do some tough things to get through today's challenging environment," Wagoner said.

Responding on the company's Web site, one viewer said: "The only way you are going to make a case for GM is to start slamming your competition -- yes I mean Toyota."

Barger said the company wasn't planning to do so. "If the best we can say for ourselves is 'the other guys have bigger problems than we do,' then we're not really being convincing."

Product videos do well. A video on the Chevrolet Volt in Washington has been seen nearly 50,000 times -- one of the best viewed. But the best viewed video from GM?

A 2006 video on the Chevrolet Camaro concept car. It's been seen more than 1.1 million times on YouTube.
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