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General Motors is cooking up a new way to make its fastest cars even quicker around a racetrack. has uncovered eight separate patents filed by GM for a slew of new active aerodynamic systems, most of them dealing with the control of different subsystems. For instance, there is a patent for a 'method and apparatus for controlling vehicle tractive effort,' while other patents are for verifying downforce readings from a force sensor.

No specific vehicles are mentioned by the patents, and although a picture of a Camaro does appear in five of the filings, it appears to be a fifth-generation model, which may be simply acting as a test mule for the new active aero.

In the patent for 'vehicle, system, and method for controlling active aerodynamic elements,' the active aerodynamic system is described as using movable spoilers, wings and air dams that can vary the airflow around the vehicle. The patent also says that active aerodynamic systems can be used to aid in braking, along with redirecting air to help with cooling.
Read more about GM Working on More Hardcore Active Aero Technology at
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