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GM'S GREEN VEHICLES IN DEMAND: Big names get big hybrids

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First, it was Super Bowl MVP Eli Manning saying he wanted the first hybrid Cadillac Escalade off the assembly line. Now U.S. Sen. John Kerry and Paris Hilton are getting their own General Motors hybrids as well.

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The tahoe hybrid is ALMOST as hard to come by as the ZR1 will be....

A nicely fully loaded unit for about $55,600 - that's MSRP (what I'd sell for btw) other dealers are amazingly adding "supplemental dealer increases" already.

Stupid process for selling them though....dealers need to have a written order, then go into the GM system and page through 100 web pages to select a pre-built unit, and tag it as sold with a customer name only - no dealers just buying for the lot on this one. Not expected to last long.

Don't forget, you get a $2,200.00 tax credit for buying this BEAUTY!

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I loathe SUVs..but want one of those.

A nicely fully loaded unit for about $55,600 - that's MSRP (what I'd sell for btw)
What would you charge for a set of badges and the "Hybrid" windshield decal? :D

Paris Hilton is getting a Hybrid eh? I wonder if it has barn doors in the rear that have easy swing hinges....

Ohhhh. I'm mean.
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