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Well I have been awaiting a call from my local tuner about my car for about 2 weeks now. Well he called yesterday! The car is done! I'm not going to be able to pick it up till about tues/wed next week do to logisitical and financial reasons (didn't expect it to be that much) but he told me that with the tc unlocked (gotta fix that it wont go into lockup most of the time) through the 9" she made 340 to the wheels in porbably the worst temps ever 102 actual temp with heat index about 110. He said the 2 times the converter did lock up it jumped up 70 HP so thats roughly 410 to the wheels! I'm stoked and cant wait to pick her up (**** work!). He told me they drove it all around town with the AC on and it stalled out only once in normal traffic even with the big cam. I might get a chance to swing by there monday probably to at least get the printout to post up. Cost me alot more than I had expected ($1100) but then again both o2's were toasted. Oh well shed done with that now its time to tune the suspension in slap the slicks and the Nitrous kit on and go racin! I'll probably get it to the track when the weather cools down some (goung to be over 100 all next week) to get some times in.
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