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Griot's Garage BOSS (Best of Show System)

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In this video, I feature products from Griot's Garage's professional line of products known as the BOSS (Best of Show System). These products work just like every other quality product that you have seen me use. I have NEVER seen or used these products before but as you will see, my results will be as good as any other product that I have used. This further backs up my mantra that "Technique Trumps Product" 365/24/7.

One of the things that I wasn't aware of is that the 5" Griot's polisher is battery powered. Personally, I wouldn't want a battery powered machine because eventually, the battery is going to wear out. Who knows how long those batteries will be available. Electricity on the other hand will ALWAYS be available so the 6" polisher is definitely the way to go. If you are a novice, buy the conversion kit so that you can use 5" pads with that polisher. As a novice, your results will be a LOT better and you will develop a solid buffing technique faster when using a smaller pad.

Sit back and kick your feet up. It's another typical video from "a brutha' in his garage" production!


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