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Mods - I know this should be in California section, but pls leave here for 48 hours???

Two GTGs in California and one in Texas

Saturday, October 10 -- State Fair of Texas -- Camaro/Firebird Day. Texas Clubs will have Camaros on Display all day - I'll be there visiting.....Fair Park -- 1010 First Avenue - Dallas, TX -- Featuring Chevy Ride and Drive -- including CAMARO -- licensed drivers 21 and over......

Saturday, October 17th - Orange County/Anaheim International Auto show..

Go here for more details:

NOTE: preferred parking for first 200 Camaros on Saturday -- simply go to Lot #7 accessed by West Street (South of Katella) -- and show the attendant your Camaro or Firebird.....parking remains $10.

Featuring the Corvette Stingray and Camaro Club Display.....

Friday November 13th -- Sacramento International Auto Show.....
General Motors will have its own exhibit in the "Plaza" section....each Division will have its own 'showroom' -- Additionally, Local Camaro/Corvette/Classic Chevy Clubs have their own 'showroom' to showcase historic Camaros/Corvettes/Classic Chevrolets. ALSO: Chevrolet Ride and Drive for licensed drivers 21 and over.....Friday Saturday Sunday - 10am to 6pm (darkness sets in..) --featuring an array of new Chevrolets and THE CAMARO -- so now's your chance to try out both a V6 and V8 Camaro......
We'll have a band in the plaza for entertainment - I hope to see a lot of you there on Friday!

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Not Fair, When will they have one of these in the panhandle of FL.

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