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Happenings at Oshawa Assembly (the future Camaro plant)...

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So as you know, the Camaro will be built at Oshawa Assembly.

Here's what's going on there over the next couple months:

FWIW, Oshawa is actually 3 assembly plants:
Oshawa #1 - Cars
Oshawa #2 - Cars
Oshawa #3 - Trucks

Sometime next week (the week of Nov 26) the last Chevrolet Impala will be built in plant #1.
Plant #1 is the future home of the Camaro, and other Zeta cars (G8, Impala...) :)
After that last Impala is out of the bodyshop, construction and demolition of the entire plant will begin. This will continue until fall 2008 (as it takes nearly a full year to re-tool an automotive assembly plant) when all new equipment is installed and production will start up for Camaro.
So just as planned, Camaro should be rolling off the assembly line sometime between mid-October to late November 2008. :thumbsup:

The Chevrolet Impala and Buick LaCrosse will be built in plant #2 starting in January 2008. That is when the shift of all car producution to plant #2 will be complete. At that time, production of the Grand Prix will end.
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Would be nice if there were pictures of the deconstruction and reconstruction of the plants. Just a request if possible.
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