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While I prepare for Halloween with my getting to the point of "outgrowing" the tradition, something kind of magical happened.

I had a IOM 2SS/RS going out this weekend. My customer Todd and his family from South Dakota were coming in to pick it up. He wanted his car, and was concerned with being able to return home in time to share in the tradition of trick or treat with his two young boys - understandable, I've been there myself.

They were originally coming early Saturday morning, but Todd called and said he'd be at the dealership late today (Halloween Eve) and I said I could get it done. They would then get an early departure in the morning to get back home.

When I woke up, I was thinking....If everything goes perfect, they would be home in time for trick or treat.......but WHAT IF they didn't??? I thought about it more and more, and decided to stop at the store this morning. I picked up some plastic pumpkins and some candy. I got Todd's car all ready for his arrival, and put the pumpkins in the IOM "pumpkin".

When they arrived, I had the car out front. His young boys were excited to see this "transformer" of another color! Todd was pretty excited too..We talked a little, and I asked his boys what tomorrow was. They both replied, "HALLOWEEN!" - I asked what are they going to do and they both said "go trick or treating". Well, I told them they had a long ride home tomorrow, and I wanted to make sure they didn't miss out, and that if they didn't, that they'd have a little "head start".

I asked dad to pop the trunk, and they discovered my surprise! The smiles they had brought back memories of my boys many years ago....moments that are priceless!

We went in and got the paperwork done. Todd presented me with a priceless gift which I was honored to receive (I'll share this later on my site...). Then I took Todd out for a tour of the car. We went back in and got his family and were saying goodbye's. Todd's boys wanted to ride with dad in the Camaro. I sensed some serious male bonding occurring with Todd, the boys, and the Camaro. Todd's wife was great, and I think she realized there was a "guy thing" going on in her family. She was great, and appeared to happily follow the boys in the van back to the hotel.

Todd, Thanks for the opportunity to earn your business, and meet your family! Being different doing what I do, and sharing in moments like today make the job much more enjoyable. I hope you all enjoy the Camaro!

Thanks again - and to all a HAPPY HALLOWEEN! :5go:

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