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While moving we came across the old hood from the ORACLE demo truck and decided to use it in the new shop. It became a wall decoration for our new tech area and after spending the last week moving we decided to take a break from working and just play around with the lights.

We outfitted it with:

ORACLE Blue LED Strip (full roll).

ORACLE Blue LED Spotlights (2)

ORACLE Multifunction Remote Control

Testing the LED Strip:


The LED spotlights are ridiculously bright, we usually use them for accenting certian vehicle parts so the actual pods are hidden and you just see the part it illuminates. This is the first time we use these so that the actual pod is the focal point and it is BLINDING! If you get eye level with the light it is completely disorienting, the pods have a 25 degree viewing angle so if you are to the left or right it is not that bad but if you are face to face with the skull and those LEDs pop on you will be seeing spots for a while!

Here is a quick video:
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