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I just had to replace the heater blend door on my 12 vert. Just a heads up to all others, it's very expensive, and a shame that GM engineered such a mess,
First of all the dash has to come completely out of the car, but the even nicer surprise is that the windshield has to come out in order to get the dash out.
I was fortunate that I had two small chips in the windshield in line of sight, so the windshield was at deductible only. So far $1479 to the local Chevy shop and $100 to the glass company. 2 weeks without my car.
No one will guarantee that the windshield won't break while removing it. Mine didn't but corner seals were damaged and the only way to get new ones is with a new windshield.
I have worked on my own cars for ever, but this was more of a DIY than I wanted to attempt. A simple two piece duct would have solved this fiasco from the jump.
Still lovin my vert though.
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