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Hellion turbos

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I'm looking at what to do next. Ive come across hellion twin turbo systems. anyone have any comments about this system?
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And while you feel very good, I feel you're very SPAM! Prove me false or GTFO!
Not sure if it is spam but more so a very Bias opinion - although misleading. So here is my take
it seems like a good bang for the buck system. they use 61mm Turbonetics turbos, and you can get an optional skid plate to protect the air filters from water and road debris. you get a 1 year warranty on the turbos and lifetime warranty on the stainless steel tubes.

Granatelli also sells a kit with the option of the same turbos or an upgrade to PTE2625 Precision Turbos. the Granatelli kit also comes with larger waste gates.

But IMHO, IPS Motorsports has the best twin turbo kit! they use Garrett ball bearing turbos (standard, not an extra cost option as the others), TiAL waste gates, and have the largest intake tube and intercooler compared to the other brands. ball bearing turbos are the best you can get, and Garrett has the best turbos IMHO. they also have the best "advertised" hp numbers:

Hellion:LS3 - 646hp & 667tq L99 - 545hp & 560tq
Granatelli: L99 - 543hp & 535tq
IPS: LS3 - 665hp & 649tq L99 - 572hp & 597tq

if I ever change my mind about holding out to buy a Z28 or Z06 in a couple years, and decide I want FI instead of heads/cam, I would get the IPS Motorsports twin turbo kit!
Granatelli uses PTE6265 Precision Turbos as standard. We offer the 61mm Turbonetics as a down grade if a customer has their heart set on Turbonetics. Nothing wrong with Turbonetics turbos but they do not make the power of the Precision Turbos – just a fact. And YES we use the extra large waste gates for the guys that plan on making big power. If you think you are stopping at 600rwhp then our kit just gives you that added extra. – like room to grow.

Warranty – 1 year on our PTE turbos and lifetime on other parts and workmanship

IPS offers nice stuff but like Hellion they lack in the intake filtration department. Meaning the way they bring air into the turbo is not optimal. It says Hellion offers optional shield under the car – it should be standard as it is true they draw air from the bottom of the car basically parallel with road and both the Hellion and IPS kits cross over under the car as where the Granatelli system uses all none common intake (to turbo) and discharge ( from turbo) tubing. The only time they meeting is at discharge of intercooler directly to the T body. Everyone is entitled to their “IMHO” about this and that but let the facts speak for themselves Garret, Precision and Turbonetics ALL make great turbos so talking one up over the other one is futile. The fastest and baddest cars out there run Precision as they are the ones considered to be cutting edge technology. Garret is a huge company too.

IPS does not have the largest intake tube and intercooler compared to our kit – that is unless they made another change to catch up.

Next “Advertised HP” – If you are looking for the most “advertised HP” then I guess each manufacture could advertise the max HP as what the turbos support. Granatelli posted a specific L99 car making 543 & 535ft/lbs. We have customers that report 650 from their auto trans cars at only 8psi and manuals making 725 but why on earth as a manufacture would you tell your customer to try to make 700-plus hp on a stock motor at the rear wheels – the is bad business. The fact that any of the kits out there can do that does not mean as a manufacture you should promote it. 700rwhp is like 840 crank. If anyone wants to dispute that 840 is not safe on an otherwise stock motor – be my guest.

This message is meant to be a friendly commentary, not an aggressive smart ass come back – I have been told my writing seems aggressive so I wanted to get that out of the way – I don’t mean to sound aggressive but more matter of fact
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Tested on a turbo car

- In Canada

Using the Granatelli Twin Turbo Camaro Kit on a built motor at 15psi - 793hp and 822tq. This is with LOTS of fuel and very little timing,
15% powertrain loss - 915hp & 945 ft/lbs - at crank

20% (which is more like it) 955hp & 986ft/lbs

15% is actually 933/967 respectively, rounding to the nearest whole number. But still good!
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Tested on a turbo car YouTube - Granatelli Wires vs Stock Wires Test

YouTube - Granatelli Twin Turbo 2010 Camaro SS 5.5 LBS Boost on Bone stock LS3 - In Canada

15% powertrain loss - 915hp & 945 ft/lbs - at crank

20% (which is more like it) 955hp & 986ft/lbs
Seemed relevant Again
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