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Hello from Canada.

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My current lease (05 Pontiac Grand Prix) will expire in May 2009 and my hope is to purchase the new Camaro. I just hope GM keeps the production version as close to the concept car. Since I live 90 minutes from the Oshawa plant I wonder if I'd be able to watch my car being built from start to finish.:D
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Man if its anything like wat i seen when i went to the vette production plant in Kent. i'll have to say it was pretty impressive, they had to drag me out by my feet.
anyway im sure with as much as your going to be paying all ud have to do is a hold of the rite people
Welcome! Lucky you living so close to Oshawa! :)
wut model prix? i got a 2002 GT with a l67 swap and mildly modded running a 13.2 on street tires. im keepin my prix as the daily driver.

don't beleive wut television says

Latest rumour is maybe a late 08 availability.
Sooner the better as far as I'm concerned.
yes and who knows he might know and get the scoop that the plants actually getting ready to roll the camaro off the line sooner than planned??
maybee its just a dream but ohh what a dream..
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