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hello from southern california

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What's up camaro fans! Just wanted to introduce myself.

20 years old, got a 67 camaro for my graduation present, but have since sold it to my cousin. long story...anyways I plan on getting the 5th gen most likely the 2010 model.

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hey man, welcome to the site.... got any pics of the camaro???
hey man, welcome to the site.... got any pics of the camaro???
Yes, this was 1 week before she was towed to my cousins house :(

He has since done some suspension work, body work and it's primered all black at the moment. He says he plans on repainting it the same colors because the interior is black with yellow piping so he wants to keep it that way.

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that is nice.... i hope one day i can either finish restoring or buy a mint 1st gen camaro. absolutly gorgous.
thanks, yes it is a gorgeous car...It was sure fun to drive.
**** must have been hard to part with a first gen in that shape. At any rate welcome aboard.
Hello and welcome to the site.:hello:
I'm cryin here. :( Don't mind me. Welcome aboard!
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