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Hello to all!!!!

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Hi everyone, new member here, did not even think to post here, but was suggested by another member in my FS thread.
From the Phila area, have been a car nut forever, had Vettes, FBodies & others along the way. Currently have an '03 SSR which I am in the process of selling. (check out my FS thread....thanks)
Very excited about the '09 Camaro, got to see the Vert @Rev-It-Up last week in Englishtown, very nice, took alot of pics :D
Also time to go through all of the parts I have collected over the years and put them up for sale, need to make room.
Anyway, glad to be a member here and look forward to all of the info and dicusssions that will follow. Later...........................Tom:)
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Howdy, sorry for saying you might be a bot ;).

Howdy, sorry for saying you might be a bot ;).
no problem:lol:
thanks, glad to be a member......:D
Welcome new guy. Good luck on the sale and look forward to you joining the community. You have a purdy mouth.
That's Jinx....he's a little.....different.

Hello and welcome to the site.:hello:
thank you all for the warm welcome.........:D:D:D
Hello and welcome. Jinx...different? naa He's Speacial.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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