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HEMI not part of Chrysler future plans

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First Cadillac revealed it was canceling its V8 program and now Chrysler has announced that its legendary Hemi V8 engine doesn’t have a bright future. Rising oil prices and toughening fuel economy standards is causing carmakers around the world to rethink their powertrain options, and the future is looking low displacement and hybrid.’s-future-powertrains/

....another victim of CAFE :mad:
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They make nice power, but they're not really upgradeable/tuneable. They're not "hemispherical" but they are "polyspherical" heads. I don't think "Poli" had quite the same ring to it. ;)

We have an 04 RAM with one of these beasts in it. I'm not convinced of it's reliability yet, not to say I've had any problems with the engine itself, but I don't trust Dodge. Even worse, it gets a whopping average of 13 mpg, but the wife HAD to have the truck. :(

Problems not engine related: What sounded like a power steering pump whine (it's loud and intrudes into the cabin) may actually be the alternator. The instructions for lowering the spare tire in the manual were completely wrong. The locking lugs from the factory were made of potted metal, and installed too tight. They broke when I ended up running over a bolt and tried to put on the spare. The centercaps the truck came with were wrong and fell off. The locking lugs faux cover fell off. The passenger door leaks like a son of a ***** and won't stay tight for anything when adjusted. The sliding rear window rattles like a *****. It's burnt two tail lights (in comparison, my Corolla is a year older with twice as many miles and has never had a lamp out). When trying to disassemble the dash, there is a screw behind the hook on the lower dash that is 100% impossible to unscrew.

Seriously, I hate that damned truck, but the wife had to have it.
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Geeze man, my 97 s-10 seems in better shape than your Ram, as long as you don't take the rust into play. :D
My S-10 wasn't much better...2 alternators, a belt tensioner, and an A/C compressor in the first 40K miles. Fuel pump always whined, and the throwout bearing always made noise. The finish on the Xtreme wheels from the factory damaged easily. Ball joints were done at about 60K. It was better, but not MUCH better. I did love that truck though.
I got a whine that constantly happens when my truck is running, can only hear it from the outside or when the windows are down. Has always done that since I got it so I don't put much thought into it.

Only mechanical issue I've had with my truck in the almost 3 years I've owned it is the waterpump went out shortly after I got it, and that's it.
That would be your fuel pump. Most 95-01's do it, and not just S-10s.
40s Series flowmasters sound good on the 2.2s.
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