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Hot cars . Com giving poor reviews of 2010 ss camaro

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I have a 2010 2SS 44,500 miles and had a couple hard starts . Only had car since Nov 2022. say don’t get near that year with a 10 ft pole. Are they a reliable source?
They state the car has 280 different complaints.
Like the car but will sell it before something happens. Please let me know you’re thoughts
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I have a 2010 2SS automatic with 111k on the clock, bought it new in 2009 special order. Only had the usual wear and tear stuff but never had any problems that were not expected for an auto with that many miles. Just take care of it maintenance wise and it should take care of you. Was my daily driver till I retired, now mostly sits in driveway.
2010 and 2011 got a real bad rap because of the LLT engine; the timing chain failure.
That has nothing to do with the V8 models. They are much more reliable than than
the V6 counterpart for those years.

Hard starts are one of a few things; starter, they're a common issue on all of them.
44,500, you should not be having any issues. You need to ELABORATE on
the hard start issue. My V6 would hard start every single day in the winter, and
I sold it with 304,050 miles on it a few months ago, and the woman is driving it.

The V6 failure is directly caused by low oil, because they consume oil, right through
the PCV system. The oil level needs to be monitored every 1000 miles. The
problem with a used one, is you have no idea how it was maintained. You won't
have THAT issue.

The Hotcars article I saw was titled;
"Here's What We Love About The 2010 Chevrolet Camaro SS"
So, how are they praising it Jan 23, 2022, yet you say they said to stay
away from it...
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