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Hotchkis Hood Pins

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Hotchkis Hood Pin Kit installed on my 2010 2LT/RS. I like the look. The Hotchkis kit is expensive but worth the money.. Completely aluminum. I see some of you can't imagine drilling holes in your hood. Its not for the meek. This was not done in haste. Quite a few hours of picking proper location and preplanning. The hood is aluminum and rust is not an issue. proper sealing/finish work, attention to detail will assure many years of eye-catching enjoyment. I'm not sure which was more heart-stopping the hood pins or the T2 ports. You've got to make it your own. You have to be bold. Lets say everything goes south and you trash the hood. You can buy a brand new OEM painted take-off hood to replace for less than $400. I love my car as much as you do...but its just a car. Everyone does something on their ride to enhance their cars appearance. Life is short...If your going to be a bear....Be A Grizzly!


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1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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