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I received my Apex Catch-can today, and replaced my RX Catch-Can with it. I know not many people have installed this yet, and the instructions on are not up yet, so I photographed as I went.

I used the SS instructions seen here:

Slightly modified for the LFX install.

First up, pop the hood!

Remove the engine cover, by removing the oil cap and pulling up. Return oil cap back to the oil filler neck.

Here is my RX catch-can. You can see that I already have my stock PCV line cut. There are tons of threads showing where you can cut your lines. Just follow one of them if you need further instructions.

First up, I removed that RX Catch-can and left the hoses in place. Then I removed the 10MM bolt from the radiator shroud, and attached my Apex Catch-can mounting bracket.

Next, follow the instructions in the Apex PDF, on how to use thread tape, and attach the fittings to the catch-can. Do this while the can is NOT attached to the bracket for more room. Instead of pointing the top directly away from the bracket, I angled mine slightly toward the passenger side of the engine. This way when I ran my hoses, the engine cover did not get in the way. Here is my test fit, holding the can to the bracket.

Another view of the can:

Now that the bracket is on the car, and the can has all of the fittings attached, attach the can to the bracket using the 4 screws provided, with a dab of blue loctite on each screw.

Here's a top down view of the can attached to the bracket:

Connect the hoses as shown: PCV intake to the top of the can, outbound from the side of the can.

Here is how I ran my hoses so that the engine cover could snap in place:

Here is the engine with the engine cover in place:

And 2 extra shots:

Thanks for looking! Feel free to ask any questions :)

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Nice DIY ... good job
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