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I've seen several members, most new to a web forum, inquire about how to post pics. While there are several methods, I'll cover the easiest (in my opinion) in this tutorial. The first part will cover posting pics from the internet. The second section will cover personal pics posted from an image hosting site.

The first thing to do is search for a picture. My search choice is Google Images.

Next, you enter the image you are searching for. I typed in 5th gen Camaro for this example. From the many search results you can select your image of choice by clicking on it's thumbnail. Then to see the actual image simply click on the See full size image tab or just click on the thumbnail.

At the top of the page you will see the image address in the address bar. Simply highlight the text and 'Right Click' the selected information. Press the 'Copy' from the drop down.

Now you can go to the 'Post Reply' tab in the forum and look for the 'Mountain Button' in the toolbox at the top. Press the 'Mountain Button' and a box will appear asking you to enter the URL of your image. Now you can 'Right Click' in the box and select 'Paste' from the drop down menu. Then click 'OK' to post the image.

Depending on your browser you will either see the coded image text or the actual image appear in the message body box. I'm using Safari on a Mac, so this is what I see.

After pressing 'Submit Reply', you will now see your image posted like this.

If you want to post personal pics, then you will need to sign up for an image hosting site of your choice. Most are free and are very similar in feature content. I've used PhotoBucket for many years with no problems. Once you've signed up and uploaded your own photos, posting them here is only a matter of copying the 'IMG Code' info and pasting it the message body box. This eliminates the 'Mountain Button' step because the tags are automatically added to the photo from PhotoBucket.

I hope this helps those members who were unsure about posting pics. If anybody has questions, please post them here for others to learn from, as well. Now enjoy the forums, peeps!:5go:

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I like this John. Nice work.

I think this could be useful to add to a FAQ or something.
Maybe without the part about searching for a picture.

You have a Mac? WTF man! :D
Tim, good eye...Safari on the PC looks 99% to that of the Mac (just like iTunes does)...what gave the Mac away to you...the "right-mouse" shortcut menu?
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