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How To put a CTS-V motor in a 2010 Camaro?

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I was thinking of putting a maggie on my camaro, but a CTS-V crate motor might be a better option for a couple of reasons like;

I can keep my factory motor and put it back.

Basically I'm going to get the same power as if I put a maggie, but with stonger internal parts.

The CTS-V motor is complete, and probably comes with a warantee !!

Does anyone know if the CTS-V motor goes directly into the camaro with no addtional mods.

For example the all the wiring is the same?

All the plugs are there?

Does the airbox line up? The CTS-V looks like it is off the the side.

Does a CTS-V airbox fit in a camaro ?

Any known issues? or unknown variables?

Anything else you can think of??

Has anyone done it?

Have you done it?

Any pics?

Any swap llinks?

CTS-V crate motor links.
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Why buy a crate motor with a supercharger on it (for $14K uninstalled) when you can just install a supercharger on your existing 6.2L V8 for around $7K?
i got a quote from a well known shop for about $14k (parts and labor) for a magnacharger, cam swap, L99 to LS3 conversion, pulley, boost-a-pump, and all other necessary components with a tune. that would get me around 600+ rwhp versus 550 flywheel hp with the LSA engine.
Sounds like you'd bought the wrong car if you want to convert from L99 to LS3 (and the A6 costs a little more than the M6 to boot).
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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