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Hunters Performance Solutions is pleased to announce our own line CNC Ported Cylinder Heads.This is a great alternative to buying aftermarket casting's. With our L92-LS3 CNC Ported cylinder heads combined with our cam package With a STOCK LS2 Shortblock in a 2005 C6 Corvette 6 Speed, 496rwhp and 452rwtq was achieved with great driveability and plenty of power on hand. Here is some pics of our CNC ported L92-LS3 Heads.

You can ship us your heads and the CNC head porting cost $1000.00 and includes a new valve job, valve lapping, hand blending in the bowl area, and a new surfacing. If you do not want your vehicle down and would like to purchase a set of heads already completed and you swap them out yourselves the cost is $1500.00 for a complete set of heads and this includes the $500.00 core charge. Once we receive your old heads back you will be credited the $500.00. You are also more than welcome to keep your old heads as well. Here is the Flow Sheet #'s.
Intake .200 135 cfm
.300 202 cfm
.400 265 cfm
.500 310 cfm
.600 322 cfm
.700 338 cfm
Exhaust .200 99 cfm
.300 157 cfm
.400 200 cfm
.500 220 cfm
.600 233 cfm
.700 242 cfm
Exhaust .200
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