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Hampton Roads only Camaro club is here for you, we have many things going on, we would like to invite you to come on out and meet the family. We have a local dealership that sponsors us, great deals on cars and service/parts. We meet on the 4th Wednesday of each month at HAMPTON CHEVROLET-6:30pm.
We have a lot going on for you and the family, if you have any questions please give me a yell at
cama[email protected]
We are a club for all years, not just the new models. We would like to see more of the 1st thru 4th gens, so if you want to join up with the growing family, drive your Camaro out and meet the members of HRCC
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We will let you know, that is a nice ride down there. Let me know of a place that could handle the group coming in for a meeting/eating place.
I would say between 5-20, you just never know, we have our core group of people that come to all of the events. We have others that can't make it but want to, its hit and miss. We always try to max out any event that the club goes to
that is the Mustang club up here in Hampton Roads
how are things looking for the 23rd of this month???? I'm looking forward to this, where are we going for grub? How many people are going to meet us from your area?
any new VA people out there???
welcome, if we get out to your area we'll give you a yell.
Hampton Roads- where are you ????
Fantom Works tour

We have a tour of Fantom works (TV show is on VELOCITY)coming up on the 22nd of this month if you would like to go with let us know. The tour starts at 10:00am 2/22/14 and the location is
2400 Hampton Blvd
Norfolk, VA

This place is just down the road from where I work so I stopped in and they hooked us up with the above date and said to bring the club. I went in to check out the place and they have a lot of room so bring the family/friends and yes your CAMARO as well. Post up if you would like to know so I can tell them how many of us are coming. Hope to see ya there.
Sure, Fantom Works is a shop that does work on cars and then some. Here is a link to see one of the projects that they worked on.
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