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I don't know how to interpret this?

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:confused:I finally had some time to throw her on the dyno. The numbers seem way off, especially the torque curve. I think it is because the wheels are so heavy and the Dynapaks take wheels out of the equation. Anyone? I need to take it to my friends Dynojet to confirm this......


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Bueller, anyone , anyone?

I am about to install a custom muffler setup today and will dyno again to compare. My plans are to cut out the stockers, cut off the tips and
fab the rest myself. Results on Saturday!
It says flyweel numbers, so what's you complaint?

I am not real familiar with this type of dyno, and it's accuracy, so I would take it to a regular dyno so we can compare it to those stats.

It might help to put your cars specs in your sig, so we don't have to guess.

Is it LS3 or L99?
Thanks for your reply.
I realize that the chart says "flywheel HP", but notice I have the TCF factor at 1.0. You would enter a percent loss (guesstimate) in that field to get estimated flywheel HP and torque.

As far as accuracy, alot of OEM's and others use these dyno's for development because they are accurate enough to show the drop from cooling fans and other parasitic losses. Very repeatable results.

We used to take all of our cars to a Dynojet and always got different numbers
due to no SAE type compensation. (hot vs. cold days, etc.) I know some people do have better Dynojet setups though.
Thanks again.....
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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