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Looking for the Tach Output lead behind the dash.

also need the Vehicle Speed Signal Output from the ECU

Can anybody help out here?

VSS INPUT to the ECU is Gray/Black,X1 Pin71 (V8 manual) available at trans tail housing or ECU
Cylinder 1 Ign coil Purple,X2 Pin70 (V8) At ECU or Coilpack. Can be used for tach signal depending on intended use.

There are NOT seperate signals at the cluster, all signals are VIA databus to cluster.

Use extreme caution when testing or tapping into these circuits!
You must use high impedance test equipment or component damage will result!
You have been warned!
The 5th gens have as much wiring as a BMW, be sure you are familiar with proper procedures to work on modern automotive electrical systems.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts