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If the LS3 makes it into the camaro will the LSX block interchange with the LS3?

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Could you change out the LS3 parts over to a LSX GMPP shortblock?
or is the LS3 totaly different than the LS2?
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From the LSX releases I read about the LSX block will accept any part from every LS series engine. Also the biggest diffrence in the LS2 and 3 is the heads and intake both of which will bolt on to an LS2 but the valves are too big to bolt on an LS1
Most LSx parts are interchangeable, yes.

LS3 has a 4.06" bore, LS2 has a 4.00" bore.
That's where the cubic inch differences come in.

LS2 heads are similar to LS6 heads.
LS3 heads are similar to the better-flowing L92 heads.
I guess what I am saying is do you think that you could drop the LSX block and heads in and still bolt everything back up such as accecories and sensors, etc. kinda like a direct replacement.
I plan on buying a 5th gen camaro convertable after its out for a few years and while I was waiting building a 454c.i. LSX to drop in it when I get the car but I still want it to bolt up to everything like stock and stock pcm.
Yes everything will bolt right up save for maybe the exhaust manifolds as I'm not sure as whether the L92 exhaust ports are compatible. But all sensor positions and acessory hook ups from all LS series engines will be incorporated from the press I've read. They wanted a to build a motor capable of big cubes to do exactly what you want to do with it, drop right in with no fuss.
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