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In March of 2017, I traded in my beloved Summit White 2014 Stingray Z51 for a new Krypton Green 2017 Camaro 2SS.

Not really by choice.

I ruptured a disc in my back and it was too painful to drive my Stingray, even with its magnetic ride.

I saw a Krypton Green 2SS with magnetic ride and decided I'd take it for a test drive.

I was AMAZED! The comfort of the seats and the ride quality were light years ahead of my Stingray. The power was there too.

Going back to a Camaro from a Stingray was not going to be the step backwards I originally thought.

I bought it and said good bye to my Stingray.

I had to break up all the green so I had the hood, mirrors, and spoiler painted carbon flash metallic like the trim and Stinger stripe on my Stingray.

I added a custom fuel door and ground fx from RPI, a cold air intake from CAI, and LED marker lights from AAC.

After supplier pricing, rebates, and aftermarket stuff, I was into my Camaro at $43k.

Just 4 short months later, I sold the car to a small dealership in Missouri for $50k(I walked away with $7k in my pocket). He then turned around and sold it to a friend of his in New Zealand for a nice profit.

As soon as he drove away with it on his trailer, I knew I had made a mistake.

I've spent the last year looking for another one with magnetic ride.

After several road trips, I finally found the one I wanted at Route 66 Chevrolet in Tulsa and drove it home on September 15th.

Route 66 paid to have the car's paint decontaminated, buffed out, and polished cuz there was 18 months of lot dust and fall out embedded in the clearcoat.

Garage Time Auto Detail & Restoration did the work and applied ceramic coat to the paint as well.

The dealership also added Red Line Rims and all weather performance Goodyears to the deal as well.

The car absolutely glows and the Red Line Rims are more like Green Line Rims now. The color of the stripes is 063 Lime Tree Green by Oracle.

My local dealership gave this one the carbon flash treatment just like my previous one.

Aftermarket goodies have also been ordered.

I WILL NOT be getting rid of this one.


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I'm going the other way....
Keeping the Camaro AND getting a Stingray...when I find the exact one I want.

Nice paint
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