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First time poster, but wanted to get this in front of everyone as soon as possible!!


After almost a year and a half of planning, the Indy '08, Back at the Brickyard Event is almost upon us!!

General Motors and the Central Indiana Camaro Club look forward to Camaro/Firebird/Corvette/Pace Car Owners from all over North America joining us at the event in September!

The planning committee wanted to send out a few reminders and a couple of announcements to participants and potential participants.

Registration Deadline is Upon us!

The final deadline for getting your registrations in the mail to us is August 15th. Due to the late reminder of the notice, though, we are extending the deadline until August 29th. Remember, registration the day of the show will be $50, not $40, so that is all the more reason to pre-register!!

Banquet Announcement!

We were informed by the caterer that they need a 2 week notice before the event to give them a final number for the banquet.

The organizing committee has received a few registrations where attendees indicated their plans to make it a 'day of' decision for attending the the banquet. Unfortunately, there will be a limited number of 'day of' banquet registrations. The club will make a decision after the deadline is reached as to how many to make available at the registration tables. It will probably be a very limited number though.

So if you want to attend the banquet, please send your registration in now! Pre-registration deadline for the banquet will be September 4th. We need to have the envelopes in our hands by then to let the caterer know how much food to order!

Registration locations at the event!

For those already attending or planning on paying the 'day of' to get into the event, we will have registration tables open on Thursday night at the Holiday Inn(Host Hotel). The registration tables will be open from 6 pm-9 pm to pick up your registration information, window hangers to get into the track, and other 'goodies' that come with event attendance. Registration at the track will be set up in a parking lot across from the 16th St. Entrance to the track all day Friday(except for 2 hrs at lunch) and Saturday morning for those that cannot be at the host hotel on Thursday night. Watch for the signs and the tent to register!

The packets that your receive will include everything that you need to know while you are in Indianapolis for this event!

The parking lot where registration is will also be a great location for car clubs to gather. Those wishing to enter the track at the same time and park together can gather by the tent to organize their members.


The website will continue to be updated as we head toward the event. Continue to visit the site for the latest information on the show.

We look forward to seeing everyone in September at the Motor Speedway!

The Indy '08 Organizing Committee
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